Директива ЕС по раскрытию нефинансовой информации: все что вы хотели спросить
Non-financial reporting

EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial information: all what you wanted to ask

It happened that last couple months I heard too much talks about the mandatory non-financial reporting in the EU.  In a way of  “question – answer” , I will try to describe the most important issues. What Directive are we talking about? The Directive 2014/95/EU on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and

Non-financial reporting

Non-financial report: best way to approach

I propose you to consider the basic issues of reporting, starting with the problem of choosing the approach and standard of non-financial information disclosure. Let us try to identify the main factors that play a key role in the process of making balanced decisions regarding this problem. I hope after reading my post, you`ll get an

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Non-financial reporting

5 useful advices for successful preparation of non – financial report

Not so long ago, in order to proof that company’s strategy works, it was enough to specify on growth of financial indicators. Financial figures are still important, but they become more and more unstable while physical and the financial assets, relating to it, represent constantly decreasing share of companies’ marketable value. In present market conditions,