Ukrainian National CSR Strategy Development, 2013

The outcome of many years of efforts of various stakeholders became a decree of the President of Ukraine, which had initiated the process of preparing a draft document. In September 2013, the Coordinating Council for the Development of Civil Society (Presidential Administration) established a Working Group, which included about 30 representatives of ministries, business, community organizations, institutions of higher education, to draft a Ukraine National CSR Strategy and its subsequent approval by President’s decree.

Rostislav Kurinko was elected secretary of the working group by open vote among the invited experts. Taking into account Rostislav Kurinko personal contribution during 2 months of work, the team of authors succeeded in development a draft text of the Ukrainian National CSR Strategy.

In February 2016, the work on drafting the Strategy was renewed within the framework of the new Initiative Group.


Educational Centre CSREduHub, 2015-

Educational Centre (hub) CSREduHub is an international practice-oriented education project in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, with headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland, and representative offices in Moscow and Kiev. Among the key priorities of the Center are the high quality of knowledge and its practice-orientation.

By accumulating and providing audience with information on all educational events taking place in the region, as well as the best training CSR programs in the world, CSREduHub aims to contribute to achieving sustainable development by offering everyone who wants guaranteed access to the best knowledge in the field of sustainable development and CSR without time and place bonds.

The educational platform also provides online trainings in two areas:

  • The course “Strategic Approach to CSR: from priorities drafting to strategy development “;
  • The course “Non-financial reporting from A to Z”.


Project: “Sustainable Business” magazine, 2008-

“Sustainable Business” magazine is the leader in business media market, covering the topics of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Today it is a leading communication platform for information exchange and knowledge on successful corporate cases of responsible business practices from CIS countries. The magazine is focuses on Russia and Ukraine. It has over 30 000 subscribers; and more than 5 thousand readers per day.