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CSR in Eastern Europe

National CSR Strategy in the Ukraine: current state and the perspectives

21.03.2016 Current status and the perspectives The working on National CSR Strategy development is being carrying out by the Initiative group . It works at the civil platform basis, is open to join and to cooperate. Initiative group currently unites more than 120 participants,  representing companies (international and national business), employers’ organizations, trade unions, civil society

CSR in Eastern Europe

CSR in Ukraine: cynical utilitarianism or Aristotelian ‘common good’?

Abstract Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been researched extensively in Western Europe (Steurer and Konrad, 2009), and to some extent in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. Furrer et al., 2010). Empirical research in the former USSR, however, has been limited. This paper aims to address this deficiency, presenting the results of a study of CSR